Current Bookings Advisory: Please try to book your move at least 3 weeks in advance, especially if your move
will have to take place over several days due to closings or the need for packing assistance.

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​Senior Moving Services

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As a moving company committed to superior service and client/company relationships, we take special pride and care with senior relocations. We understand that seniors often feel quite weary when taking part in a move, and we are dedicated to providing the specific packing, moving, and unloading services you need. Often times these needs are different from a traditional move, and we understand that.

Kent's Pack & Load Senior Moving

Each of our employees are trained to handle the most delicate of items from family heirlooms to treasured antiques. Our company is also fully insured and can bring all the necessary supplies to help transport your belongings, no matter how cherished. After packing we can transport you to a new downsized home, retirement or assisted-living facility or into a home with other family members. We even split moves and can transport necessary items to your new home and also unload keepsakes you want to save, but don’t have room for, into storage. We install door, floor, and banister protection if needed before moving to ensure no damage to your current home.

In your new home, we provide many services including:


Unpack and set up kitchen drawers and cupboards


Unpack and hang
clothing in


Unpack and set up bathroom vanity and cupboard items


Place and arrange furniture to set up living room space

Remove Empty Boxes

Remove all empty boxes and packing material you no longer need

Hang Pictures
and Mirrors

pictures and

Contact us today and a Kent’s Pack and Load moving coordinator will come personally visit your current home, evaluate the size and number of things to be moved, and provide the most accurate and reliable estimate for your cost of moving. If, during your move, additional needs arise which affect your final cost, a discussion will be had with you prior to any changes being made. We are very upfront and transparent with pricing. You should not fear hidden fees.

Give us a call today so we can talk personally about the services we can offer you and help make your move as stress-free as possible.

Moving Rates

  • 2 Movers $119 per hour
  • 3 Movers $179 per hour
  • 4 Movers $219 per hour
  • 6 Movers $289 per hour
  • 8 Movers $369 per hour
  • 9 Movers $409 per hour
  • 12 Movers $529 per hour

Looking for materials for your move? We can provide them! 

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