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Moving, Packing & Storage Services

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Call the expert movers at Kent’s Pack & Load for complete moving services, including packing, commercial / residential moves, junk removal, and storage.

Kent's Pack and Load's promise - Real rates, real estimates

Our flexible service ensures that you get the right crew for the job. 
We will provide you with the trucks and number of men necessary to manage your move efficiently. 
We give free in-home estimates that take as little as 15 minutes so that the job gets done right the first time and you have an honest estimate for what you’ll pay.

Moving & Packing Rates

  • 2 Movers $109 per hour
  • 3 Movers $159 per hour
  • 4 Movers $199 per hour
  • 6 Movers $279 per hour
  • 8 Movers $359 per hour
  • 9 Movers $399 per hour
  • 12 Movers $519 per hour

    * Please note that we have rates for 2-28 movers. Many are omitted here for brevity.


See our Junk Removal Services Page for More Details!
  • 1/6 of a trailer (2.66 cubic yards) $150
  • 1/3 of a trailer (5.33 cubic yards) $250
  • 2/3 of a trailer (10.66 cubic yards) $400
  • 3/3 full trailer (16.00 cubic yards) $550


We don’t like hidden fees, and neither should you!
The details of how we operate are included below for your review:

That means:
Disassembly of furniture at pickup (like beds and tables), reassembly at delivery, room rearrangement, flights of stairs, and long carry distances won’t incur additional fees.

We do have fees that are associated with different types of moves, like the fuel charge for long distance moves or the piano fee for a baby grand, but these fees will not be sprung on you on the day of the move. Based on your inventory for your move, each of our fees will appear in your estimate as a distinct line-item, with a description so you have the best estimate of what your move could cost.


Local Moves:
Moves under 50 miles: all of our moving services are included under our hourly rates.
We don’t charge extra for stairs or for furniture assembly, because its often just what needs to happen to get the furniture moved. It’s simple and honest because that’s the way we work. 


Long Distance Moves:
Moves over 50 miles are priced out by weight and distance on a variable scale called a “tariff”.
We give you our best estimate of what we think the weight of your property will be, at 7 pounds per square foot as required by regulation, but we are actually then also required to weigh your property on a truck scale after it is loaded up to calculate the final price.

We compare the weight of the unloaded truck to the weight of the truck with your property loaded up to then get the weight of your load, and thus your final price. It sounds a little weird because it is a little weird. The most important metric when comparing estimates will be the $price/#pounds of load, as the estimated totals could vary. Fortunately our estimators are very experienced and get very close with their estimates, so we are comfortable with offering you a “not-to-exceed” based on your inventory for your long distance move.

Our Fees: 

Travel Fee / Fuel Charge:
Travel – We charge a travel fee when we come out for the day to cover our fuel and crew travel time costs to and from the job.
Our travel fee is equal to one hour of labor at the rate for your crew size.   
Fuel – On a long distance move, the travel fee gets replaced by the fuel charge.
This fuel charge is calculated based on the one-way milage from pickup to delivery.

Very Large/Heavy Items:
Example – due to the added difficulty involved, items like fireproof safes/ gun safes bear a charge of $350.
These kinds of charges are rare, and will always be discussed with you upfront at the time of your estimate.

Pianos – Upright and Baby Grand (not including keyboard / lightweight electronic pianos).
Upright Piano – $350
Baby Grand Piano – $550

Overnight Truck Hold:
If you need us to hold your furniture on the truck overnight it costs $250 per night, per truck.

Moving Blankets:
You will not be charged for blankets unless you keep possession of them.

($15/blanket with $7.00 deposit back per blanket if you return them.)
We use these industry standard blankets during every move – but we also have them available for sale to clients if you want to keep them.) Blanket charges are common where you are moving property into a 3rd party storage facility or PODs and do not have your own blankets to protect your furniture.
Clarification: No moving blanket charges are applied if your property is stored in our warehouse, as we never lose possession of our blankets.
A full truck of furniture can use up to about 90 moving blankets, so when you have a one-day move or you are using our storage for later delivery, there’s a real benefit to getting free use of our pads since they remain in our possession instead of having to buy or rent your own if you move yourself or use a storage unit!


Everyone’s storage needs are different, which is why we always need to do an in-home or virtual estimate to give you a storage quote.
We have a loading dock and storage-bay system in our warehouse that allows us to charge you a flat warehouse
handling fee covering both unloading your property into our warehouse and reloading it into our trucks for delivery. 

Licensed, Insured, & Professional:

Our team of professional movers will show up for your move on time and begin working as soon as we make contact with you.
We use blankets and shrink-wrap to fully protect your furniture. Extra care will be taken to protect all delicate and glass-surfaced furniture.

Use of our protective moving blankets (pads) and shrink-wrap during the move is standard and included in the price for a regular move.
House Packing Services and Boxes are available upon request (see ‘Material Prices’ below).

Packing & Material Prices

 We can pack up your entire house if you want us to!

When we pack and move your property, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your belongings are professionally packed and able to be covered by insurance. We like to get you packed up a day or two before moving day, so that everything is ready before we start to load and moving day goes smoothly.
*We can pack and load on the same day where necessary, but please note that this can make for a very long moving day.

Take the guesswork out of buying boxes:
Your free packing services estimate will include a box list that shows the boxes we think you’ll need to pack up your home. We’ll have a ton of heavy-duty boxes on hand to pack you up before moving day, but any extra boxes go straight back into our warehouse inventory.
That way you never end up paying for unused materials.

Note: the paper and tape used to pack each box is included in our box prices. We also have newsprint paper available
 in bulk or can use your packing paper if you are having us pack boxes that you have purchased independently. 

Small Box


Medium Box


Large Box


Dish Pack


Wardrobe Boxes

(with clothes-hangar bar)

Art/Mirror Boxes

Adjustable Size

Wood Crates

Custom-built for your needs.
Pricing variable with size
Usually at $150+

TV Box

Fits most TV's

Moving Blankets
72" x 80"

Note: You will not be charged for blankets unless you keep possession of them. ($15/blanket with $7.00 back/blanket if you return them later! We use these industry standard blankets during every move - but we also have them available for sale to clients if you want to keep them.)

Newsprint & Tape

We use newsprint to protect your more delicate items.
$cost already included when we pack you up!
$25 per 25 pound bundle of Newsprint if we are supplying paper for you to pack your own boxes.
- $20 per 6 pack of Packing Tape if we are supplying tape for you to pack your own boxes.

Flexible Storage Options

We have temporary and long term storage to suit your needs:

Work around your closing dates with an overnight truck hold

Remove furniture for renovation and remodeling work

Disaster Mitigation related storage services

We have the perfect amount of storage in our climate controlled, secure warehouse.
Integration with our moving services for storage keeps your moving labor costs down.

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Taking on the Job Yourself? Get a Helping Hand!

This service includes two movers and no truck if you are taking on the job yourself but it seems like you need some professional service with the loading aspect. 

Let two of our professionals help. We will load the truck correctly and pack it full to ensure that the load does not shift during your drive to your new home. 

Call to schedule a free face-to-face estimate, or send us some information through the “Online Estimate” page and we’ll contact you.

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