Standard Bookings Advisory: While we do typically have openings during the week, please keep in mind that if your move has multiple dates or if you have a specific date for your move it is always a good idea to book at least 2 weeks in advance.

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Looking for “movers near me?” Search no more: Get expert help with all your moving needs, including commercial and residential moves, packing, and storage options. Call the expert Marietta movers at Kent’s Pack and Load!

Need a Marietta Mover? See Our Specials:

Don’t get overwhelmed by the many options when it comes to movers. Here at Kent’s Pack & Load, we strive
to make the moving process as simple as possible. When we quote you a price, it includes:

A Truck or Two

Depending on
the size of the load

Multiple Moving Guys

Just let us know what you
need for your move

Moving Pads & Shrink-Wrap

To protect your valuables
during your move

Boxes Upon Request

See material
prices below

We will show up on time. We’ll carefully pack your items and load each box as we get it packed. Valuable items are marked FRAGILE and packed with extreme care. Shrink-wrap and blankets are used to protect furniture and glass surface furniture so that no damage is done during the moving process. We are expert movers in Marietta GA, and strive to provide the best customer service in the area.

Interested in our special moving services in Marietta GA? Call to schedule a free face-to-face estimate. Or, fill out a contact form below. Ask us how to receive a discount on your move, and we’ll help you get the best price we can offer.

Additional Pricing Information:

We offer a wide variety of moving services in Marietta GA. Calling and getting a personalized quote for exactly what you’re looking for in your move is the best way to get the best price. But, if you know what you need, browse our price list below:

Moving & Packing Rates

  • 2 Movers $109 per hour
  • 3 Movers $169 per hour
  • 4 Movers $209 per hour
  • 6 Movers $289 per hour
  • 8 Movers $369 per hour
  • 9 Movers $409 per hour
  • 12 Movers $529 per hour

    * Please note that we have rates for 2-28 movers. Many are omitted here for brevity.

Tackling the Move On Your Own? Hire Some Help!

If you are tackling your move on your own, having some professional movers to help is a big help. There are always heavy items to lift, and loading a truck alone can be a challenge. We offer a service that includes two guys and no truck. Our expert Marietta movers will assist you and load your truck correctly so that no shifting occurs during your drive to your destination. Give us a call to learn more about this service.

Expert movers in Marietta GA

Do You Need Storage Options?

Our warehouse is climate controlled and secure. Give us a call to learn more about our storage options and finding the right plan for you. Of all the moving companies in Marietta GA, we offer a wide variety of services, including storage options.

Material Prices

Do you need boxes and other supplies for your move? Get them from us!
Please note: The box price includes paper and tape! These materials are only for in home pack-outs.

Small Box


Medium Box


Large Box


Dish Pack


Wardrobe Boxes


Art/Mirror Boxes

Small: $3.99
Medium: $4.99

Wood Crates

Price depends
on the size of the box

Have Questions? Call Us Now: (678) 612-0956

Why Kent’s Pack and Load? A Marietta Moving Company You can Trust

Hello! My name is Nicholas Kent Johnson. I started this company because I was tired of hearing the horror stories about movers and how many people got terrible service. There are many moving companies in Marietta GA, but not all of them provide service like ours. My goal with my business is to become more than just a moving company: I strive to make it a pillar in the community. When you hire a moving company, you are hiring strangers to come into your home and pack up your valuables, load them into a truck, and move them to your new home. Having movers in your home who respect you, your family, and your belongings is essential. Every single one of my employees has gone through my personal moving training. They must pass a drug test to begin this training. Here’s how we make your move the best. We work to provide one-on-one time which each and every one of our clients so you know who is in your home and who is in charge of your belongings. This is what makes Kent’s Pack & Load different than other Marietta moving companies.

Photo of Kent with Kent's Pack & Load
Icon of moving and item inventory

An Inventory is Taken of Each Item

Marietta mover plan

Well-Organized Plan Created to Move Safely

Icon of sofa - belongings will be carefully packed

Furniture is Covered in Blankets or Shrink-Wrapped

Icon - mirrors and glass will be protected

Mirrors & Glass are Protected

Icon - stairs and railings will be protected

Staircase Railings are Protected in Your New Home

- We are Fully Insured and Licensed! -

About Marietta, Georgia

Marietta, Georgia, is home to a little over 61,000 people. It is the largest suburb of the state’s capital, Atlanta. It was settled in the early 1800’s, and became officially recognized as a community in 1834. Throughout the years, it has played a role in the history of our nation: One of the oldest continually occupied residences in Marietta, Oakton House, served as a Major General’s headquarters during the Civil War. There are six historic districts throughout the city, including Whitlock Avenue, Washington Avenue, Church-Cherokee Streets, and more. Marietta has many wonderful activities, parks, and entertainment. These include museums, theaters, gardens, historic sites, and more.
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