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There aren't many places your junk can hide from our F-350 Dually 4x4 and 16 cubic yard trailer.

Full Service Junk Removal by Pro Movers

About us

Kent’s Pack and Load offers a range of quality services performed by professional movers. We are a local and family-owned business that stands behind the quality of our work.

You may not care about your junk items any longer, but we know it’s important to safeguard the rest of the property in your home.
Having your removal service performed by a professional moving crew will let you rest easy. You’ll know that your floors, walls, and doorways are safe from dings, scuffs, and scratches. 

We will handle everything from start to finish.


See our Junk Removal Services Page for More Details!
  • 1/6 of a trailer (2.66 cubic yards) $150
  • 1/3 of a trailer (5.33 cubic yards) $250
  • 2/3 of a trailer (10.66 cubic yards) $300
  • 3/3 full trailer (16.00 cubic yards) $400

*The pricing for our services (above) covers the cost of carefully removing items from your home, labor to load the junk trailer, and any labor to unload the trailer for disposal.
SPECIAL: KPL is trying out a new offering of 1/6 of a trailer (2.66 cubic yards) to facilitate smaller removals.
The 1/6 of a trailer will be available at a price of $150 while we try out this offering.* 

Additional Fees:

Our full service junk removal is completed at flat rates with few exceptions.
We’ll only charge you extra for an item if we are going to get charged extra for that same item at the time of disposal. 

We get charged extra to dump certain things, some items will incur additional fees. 

Examples of additional charges: 

  • Mattresses ($20 – not the box-spring)
  • TV’s ($10)
  • Paint Cans ($20 per can) will incur additional fees.
  • Small Tires ($10/tire), Regular Sized Tires ($15/tire), Large Tires ($25/tire)

One Last Thing:
If we have to haul the junk trailer to another pickup address for the same job, then an additional charge may apply for that extra stop.
Additional Stop Fee: $25

How we Operate:
Our primary Junk Removal Asset is our 16 cubic yard trailer.
For a frame of reference, your giant rolling trash-can on garbage day probably holds just under 0.48 cubic yards.

At KPL, we divide the trailer into thirds (5.33 cubic yards per 1/3).
The price per each additional 1/3 of the trailer scales down, so the more junk you have us remove at once the less it will cost per additional 1/3 of the trailer.

If you only have an item or two, you can let us know on the phone or you can send pictures of the items you want hauled off to [email protected] so we can price the work out for you accordingly.



*Hazardous Materials, Medical or Biological Waste Materials, Explosive or Flammable Liquids, and Illegal Substances will not be accepted.

*Please note that the remainder of the trailer after the first 1/6th will not be be priced out in 1/6th increments while we try out our current 1/6th pricing offering.

*Please note that for jobs requiring multiple trips to the dump with the trailer, the pricing resets to the first 1/3 for subsequent loads.
(We do this because the first 1/3 of a load mostly goes towards covering our operating costs for each time we dump.)


Call us for a free quote! (678)612-0956


If you don't have time to call right now, or if it's after business hours, just fill out this form and we'll give you a call.
Full Service Junk Removal includes the labor to remove the items from the property and load items for dumping.
Trailer Drop Off & Pickup includes leaving a 16 cu.yd. trailer at your address in the morning for the day and picking it up that night/ when you call us that day to let us know it's ready for pickup. (Service subject to drop-off availability)
We will base our estimate off of what you report to us.
If possible, please list 1-2 options.
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