Standard Bookings Advisory: While we do typically have openings during the week, please keep in mind that if your move has multiple dates or if you have a specific date for your move it is always a good idea to book at least 2 weeks in advance.


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Please upload your resume file (if you have trouble with file types, export to .pdf format File>export to>.pdf and save as a new document) so that we can review your application. A standard resume format is fine, it doesn't have to be anything fancy, but it does need to include relevant work experience and references for any experience claimed related to the position to which you are applying. Thank you for your interest in working with KPL!

JOB DESCRIPTIONS - So you can know what you're applying for.

Kent’s Pack & Load is a professional moving company serving the State of Georgia for 7 years, and now making interstate deliveries in the contiguous USA. 

Our fleet of trucks is growing, and we are searching for new team members to grow with us. No experience is necessary to apply, as our crew leaders will train you when you start working with us.

Turn your job into a career with Kent’s Pack & Load. With quality work and professionalism on your part, there is tremendous potential for advancement. Each of our current Crew Leaders has moved up from inside our company after starting out where you are right now, and you’re next.

Crew Leader Job Description:

The Crew Leader – Mover/Driver position is the manager at the heart of every moving crew.

Management experience, experience in the moving industry (or similar), and a history of driving large vehicles are all desired qualities in a new Crew Leader.

What a day looks like for a crew leader:

You will typically receive a copy of the Order for Service (contract) for a move to your Crew Leader Tablet or your company email account 1-3 days before the move when the job is dispatched to you. This will let you review the details of the job such as crew size, number of trucks, the reported inventory for the load, materials (if any) needed, and pickup & delivery locations in advance.

  • When you arrive in the morning, you inspect the moving truck(s) you’ll be using for the day
  • You collect your crew members from the office lounge-area
  • You have your crew collect all materials (boxes, shrink-wrap, tape, etc) that you will need for the client’s move from the inventory room
  • You give the client a call letting them know your estimated arrival time & head out to the pickup address.
  • Upon arriving at the pickup address you meet the client, start the job time clock, and perform a walk-through to ensure that the work to be done matches up with your Order for Service and the inventory they reported for the estimate.
  • You have the client sign the Bill of Lading for the move and sign to select the insurance option they prefer.
  • Once the paperwork is squared away, you position the truck in the best spot possible for efficient loading and you and your crew will start work.
  • You direct part of your crew to begin wrapping furniture with protective pads and shrink-wrap where necessary. Typically, a portion of the crew will begin loading boxes and stacking the truck.
  • You supervise the stacking and/or stack the truck yourself to ensure efficient use of cargo space and safe transport of the load.
  • You periodically use straps during loading to secure the load for transport
  • Once loading is complete, you do a final walkthrough for the pickup address with the client to ensure that no portion of the load has been missed.
  • You verify the delivery address with the client and, especially if it’s a larger move, let them know that you are going to let your crew have a lunch break en route to the delivery.
  • Upon arrival at the delivery address, you will do a preliminary delivery address walkthrough with the client to get a sense of where everything will go and what the best routes will be for getting larger pieces safely into the home.
  • You and your crew will begin unloading, and you will supervise the unstacking of the truck to ensure there is no hazard to you or your crew from load-shift that may have occurred during transport.
  • After the last piece has been delivered into the home you have your crew re-fold moving pads, pickup trash, and put the truck back in order for the next job while you do a final walkthrough to ensure that the client is happy with placement of furniture and boxes.
  • If the client wants anything moved around, you direct your crew to do so.
  • Once the walk-through is completed, the job time clock stops and you finalize the paperwork with the client, and they will sign that they have received the load in good condition. If there are any damage complaints, you’ll note them with the client on the bill of lading complaint section for the office to manage and let the office know. If you can take pictures of any damages on a smartphone, this is very helpful.
  • You will accept payment by smartphone app (also works on crew leader tablet) or by check.
  • To finish up the day, you will return to the warehouse, park the truck(s), check that the trucks are set up for the next crew, submit the post-trip truck inspection to note if there was anything that needed to be fixed on the truck before the next job, and turn in your paperwork from the move & any checks to the office.

Other Notes:

Actual potential for advancement within the company. Promotion to a commissioned crew-leader position available after a year of working with KPL and after demonstrating great quality work. (Two of our crew leaders are currently working on a commissioned basis).

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $18.00 – $20.00 per hour


Sales/Client Services Job Description

Join our office team here at Kent’s Pack & Load.

It’s not required, but if you have previous experience working with a moving company you may be a great fit!

A fairly complete list of the responsibilities included in the position has been included for your review.

We have a parent-friendly and inclusive office culture.

Thank you for your interest!

Position Qualifications:

  • Previous experience in sales, customer service, or other related fields
  • Proficient in typing and comfortable speaking on the telephone
  • Familiarity with CRM platforms / Ability to use company estimate software
  • Ability to build rapport with clients
  • Strong negotiation skills / Ability to guide clients through the estimate and booking process
  • Deadline and detail-oriented


Front Desk / Client Relations

Collaborate with clients to produce efficient solutions to changing circumstances

  • The voice of the company – offer service and sensitivity to ensure the best first point of contact for most client concerns.
  • Present and sell company products and services to new and existing customers
  • Answer existing client questions about scheduling, KPL services, and KPL policies.
  • Investigate the client/caller’s needs and proceed accordingly.
  • Record information from clients concerning customer concerns or complaints and, where necessary, forward all relevant information to the appropriate individual/department for it to be addressed.
  • Cooperate with peers in office to resolve complicated customer inquiries and complaints.
  • Contact clients to confirm upcoming service dates and to discover any changes to services needed.

New Client Intake

Gather all pertinent contact details from new client leads and steer clients through the estimate process.

  • Entry of new client contact information into CRM
  • Answer new client questions about KPL and how it operates.
  • Understand move-size/service thresholds for requiring in-home estimates to produce accurate assessments.
  • Schedule estimates for potential clients while avoiding conflicts with existing calendar appointments.
  • Communicate with peers to internally schedule/dispatch in-home estimators.

In Home Estimate Appointments

Meet clients with a friendly and informative demeanor that reinforces the quality of KPL services.

  • Verify client intake contact information, pickup and delivery locations, requested service types, and scheduling needs.
  • Highlight KPL’s additional Junk Removal, Packing/Unpacking, and Storage services to meet client needs where appropriate.
  • Obtain a full inventory list of property to be moved (picture inventory).
  • Where appropriate, inform clients of company policies and recommendations in regard to KPL services. (Hazardous Materials, Packing Requirements, Televisions, etc.)
  • Document access conditions at all locations – determine whether there is access/space for a moving truck / removal asset in the driveway, the number of flights of stairs, distances from point of access to truck parking location, the presence of elevators, and any date/time restrictions to access at pickup/delivery locations.
  • Provide client with a reasonable, but prompt, expectation of when client will receive their estimate(s).

Estimate Document Preparation

  • Check all Contact Information, Addresses, and Location Types against notes from the in-home estimate appointment.
  • Include all location access details in estimate software for proper calculation of estimated total work-time.
  • Enter full inventory of property to be moved, utilizing a standardized box-count based on the size of the home where client is not yet packed for the move.
  • Include all estimate document line-items associated with the service type(s) requested by client.
  • Verify system-generated work-time calculations and pricing for accuracy.
  • Help clients by ensuring that the move is planned in an efficient manner, with packing and junk removal service dates scheduled appropriately and dates/times clearly listed in the estimate.
  • Include notes that clearly outline the nature of the services KPL is including in the quote.
  • Send estimate document(s) to client with a personalized message for the client through the CRM software.

Client Estimate Follow-Ups

  • Contact (phone/email/text message) clients that have already been sent estimates to verify receipt within 24 hours.
  • Ask clients if they have questions about the estimate.
  • Send clients Certificate of Insurance and Insurance Form Example documents where requested / appropriate to reinforce company legitimacy and quality of service.
  • Answer client questions and inform client of any restrictions to upcoming availability for services to allow them to plan accordingly.
  • Reinforce to clients that booking is first-come-first-served, and highlight the importance of paying deposit and signing an Order for Service to guarantee dates/times.

Booking Service Dates

  • Accept appropriate deposit payment from clients wishing to book services for their selected date(s).
  • Book move as Pending at the time of deposit payment.
  • Inform clients that dates are not guaranteed until they have signed the Order for Service (Service Agreement)
  • Book move as Confirmed at the time of Order for Service Signature
  • Walk clients through e-signing Order for Service in their e-mail inbox as required.
  • Communicate with peers in office to announce bookings, notifying crew-dispatcher(s) immediately and directly where services are booked on short notice.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $15.00 per hour

Mover Job Description:

NOTE: If you are already experienced in the moving industry and can drive a 26 foot box truck with your DOT card, you are eligible to be hired on as a Driver/Mover immediately.

We pay to hold on to quality people!

With no experience we will start you out gently while you are trained, avoiding giving you tasks you have not yet been trained for. 
Further pay increases from starting will be dependent upon job performance.



Due to the physically challenging nature of our work we ask that you be 18+. Due to Regulatory restrictions, moving truck drivers must be 21+ to operate box truck.

Please provide a resume with your work experience, any relevant references, and your contact information included.

Kent’s Pack & Load is a drug free workplace. To work with us, all new employees will have to pass a background check and a new employee drug screening.

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