Standard Bookings Advisory: While we do typically have openings during the week, please keep in mind that if your move has multiple dates or if you have a specific date for your move it is always a good idea to book at least 2 weeks in advance.

About Kent's Pack and Load

Hello! My name is Nicholas Kent Johnson. I started this company with the goal to become more than just a moving company, but a pillar of the community. I was tired of hearing the horror stories about movers who hire guys off of the street, allow them into your home, and let them improperly pack your valued items in the back of trucks.

These movers create no personal connections with you and your family and may not respect your family or belongings. That is not how my staff or myself believe business should be practiced. We will PERSONALLY come to your home, take an inventory of every item, and set up a well constructed plan of action to move each item correctly and with care. This one-on-one time ensures a sense of respect and trust between the customer and property owner.

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Every one of my professional employees has gone through a class instructed by Nicholas Kent Johnson. They must pass a drug test to even begin training. All furniture is covered in blankets and shrink wrapped. Mirrors and glass are protected by a box with shrink wrap and a blanket. We utilize hardwood protection and blankets on staircase railings to protect your new home.


Dot # 2507167 · MCA # 8437
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