Standard Bookings Advisory: While we do typically have openings during the week, please keep in mind that if your move has multiple dates or if you have a specific date for your move it is always a good idea to book at least 2 weeks in advance.

About – Moving Dates

In the main moving season dates book up quickly, so we advise our clients to start early!

Current Bookings Advisory: 

Please try to book your move at least 3 weeks in advance, especially if your move will have to take place over several days due to closings or the need for packing assistance.

We are currently in the busy, Main Moving Season, and while we may have availability for a given date when you first call, it is important to note that move dates can not be reserved until the Order for Service (final estimate version) is e-signed and the deposit for the move is paid.


Get your estimate faster, while still ensuring that it is as accurate as possible.

If you have a smartphone or wifi-connected tablet device, you can take advantage of the speed and ease of using video-chat software to get the best estimate.

KPL can schedule virtual in-home estimate appointments that greatly speed up the estimate process while maintaining accuracy.

Virtual appointments are typically available Monday through Friday from 9:00 to about 3:00 PM, and estimates can usually be emailed to you for your review by the end of the same business day. Call in to our office or send us a text to the office line to schedule your estimate appointment time. 

Video chat works great! If you have an iPhone, we can FaceTime you. If you have another smartphone device, we can use other video chat options like the Zoom App.

If we are doing a FaceTime call, we will call you at the appointment time. If we are using the Zoom App, then we will send you an invite link so that you can join the video call from your device (having the app installed on your smartphone before the appointment begins means that we can dive right into building your estimate. 

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